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Analysis of JMAT End of 2019 Key Stage 2 Results

The DfE performance tables show the Key Stage 2 results of all our academies, as well as our performance as a multi-academy trust. The tables are updated each December with the results from July i.e. July 2019’s results will be published in December 2019. You will find our KS2 results on this site.

Analysis of JMAT End of 2019 Key Stage 1 Results


In 2019, 87% of JMAT children met or exceeded the Phonics screening score, above National Average comparison.

In 2019, 78% of JMAT children achieved expected standards in reading, 76% in writing and 79% in maths. All above National Average comparisons.

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Analysis of JMAT End of 2019 EYFS Results

In 2019, 74% of JMAT children met the Good level of Development standard, above National Average comparison.

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