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Our focus on investing in our people is at the very centre of our culture and practice. We look to offer and partner with a range of organisations to provide a range of high quality professional development programmes to support career development and progression for all colleagues within our own academies. Our training is underpinned by robust evidence including academic research and proven practice.

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Welcome to Forge CPD, non-profit making organisation. Our vision is to bring together the fractured educational world and strengthen partnerships locally and nationally by providing a central repository of knowledge and content which every partner contributes to, and benefits from. We aim to provide a core offer of high quality, evidence informed, professional development for all members of the school community at every stage of their career. This is just the beginning; content will grow as more partners come on board and new materials are created. We look forward to working with you in the future to develop your staff to deliver the best possible offer for your pupils.

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