Message from the Trust Strategic Operations Lead

Coronavirus cases are rapidly on the increase in our area which are affecting both individual pupils, as community activities return, and whole class groups when a bubble closes.  The health, safety and wellbeing of all our staff and pupils is paramount, and therefore the Trust will continue to observe the public health guidance  in closing bubbles where proximity contacts have been identified, and share information about community transmission, local transmission and positive cases.  The purpose of sharing this information is to enable our school staff, pupils and families to make informed choices, remain vigilant and minimise the spread of coronavirus.

We appreciate that closing bubbles, as we react to positive cases causes inconvenience and disruption, and aim where possible to inform parties with accuracy and speed.  We are relibly informed that the Delta varient is now dominant in our communities and therefore urge all parents and carers to inform your child's school as soon as possible when a suspected or positive case is established from within the household so that we too can react accordingly and seek further advice if necessary.

Thank you for your continued support.

LFD test kits are available for public use - to find out where to obtain test kits see the following link. https://maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/ 

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