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Frugal Food

Use the shopping list below to help you shop for less during this uncertain climate.

This basic food shop can be done for just over £20 (based on prices at ASDA on 23/03/2020) and will provide enough basic meals for a family of four over seven days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find a downloadable version here.

Below is an example of a basic weekly meal plan you can do for just over £20 for a family of four. For just a little bit extra, you could add fruit to your shopping list and extra snacks to keep you going through the day. Download the plan here.

frugal weekly meal plan

The recipes for the these meals can be downloaded here.

These prices have been calculated based on shopping at ASDA and were correct as of 23rd March 2020 and are detailed below; on the right are the prices of any extras you may wish to purchase as snacks or accompaniments to the meals above.

If you have an issues accessing the documents above, please contact us and we can send you a copy.

For more hints and tips on how to shop well for less take a look at the following useful websites:

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